Rosewell is available for events such as family reunions, weddings, photo shoots and business meetings.

Rosewell. America's Magnificent Ruin



3 million x 300 campaign

You can find items from books to bangles at the Gift Shop. Page Family genealogy, African American history, Civil War documents, and readings on Native American and early Gloucester history are at the Gift Shop. You will also find cookbooks, tee shirts, artwork, jewelry, mugs and glasses, postcards, posters, and much more.

We need your help! Join the 3 million x 300 campaign and help us raise $3 million dollars by the 300th anniversary of Rosewell's construction. Call 804-693-2585 to learn how!

Your visit to Rosewell starts at the Visitor Center. Here you will find a wealth of treasures and artifacts in the Exhibit Hall, along with a short orientation video that gives you a look back at Rosewell's glorious past and a vision of the future goals.