Latest Newsletter Published June 4th 2018

The Rosewell Foundation

Cook Books

The African American Experience

Slavery in the Colonial Chesapeake
by David Brion Davis

One of the best books about slavery in the Tidewater region

Civil War Slavery at Rosewell 

Writings from the recollections of Anna Maria Dandridge Yeatman, granddaugther of Josiah Deans, owner of Rosewell  - 1853 to 1881

Beforever - An American Girl Mystery

Addy is overjoyed when Poppa's new boss invites her family to live on his property in Philadelphia's elegant Society Hill neighborhood. But Addy soon discovers that their new home holds dangerous secrets ...

Christmas Season

During Slavery Times

Primary documents from the

1861 journal of Frederick Olmsted

Soul on Rice

African influences on American cooking

Plantation Row

Slave Cabin cooking - the roots

of Soul Food

  • Colonial Spices and Herbs
  • At the Table in Colonial America 1700 - 1776
  • Early American Cookery
  • Colonial Sweets and Spirits
  • Refreshments Now and Then
  • The Good Land - Native American cooking
  • Colonial Christmas Cooking
  • Confederate Home Cooking
  • Civil War Plants and Herbs
  • ​Colonial Spices and Herbs

Books for the Young Historians

Archeologist Dig for Clues

 Join a group of young historians as they dig their way to discovering history.

Full of activities for learning how we know what we know about the past.

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

Clara, a slave and a seamstress on Home Plantation knows that the Underground Railroad can lead her to freedom. The only problem is, how to find it? Read how Clara solves the mystery in this award-winning book.

The Dirty, Smelly Colonies

The early settlers lived in unimaginable conditions. Can you believe that the barber not only cut hair but also pulled teeth? Or imagine eating stale crackers full of maggots - DISGUSTING! It's all in this book .

Rosewell Polo and Tee Shirts

COLORS  -  Light Blue, Heather Grey, Charcoal, Pink, Black, and White

Sizes S - XXL 

 Polos - $20/22, Tee Shirts - $15 

Items in red are

only available at Rosewell

Leonora and the Ghost  - $5

A true ghost tale written by Lucy Burwell Page Saunders, the last child of Governor John Page

Discovering Rosewell  - $10

A historical, architectural, and

archaeological overview of Rosewell

Rosewell Build it Yourself Kits  - $15

An easy and educational craft project

for ages 8 and up

The Kin Patch - $38

by Page Laubach Warden 

​Traces the genealogy of 29 Virginia families

Genealogy of

the Page Family - $35

by Richard Channing Moore Page, MD

Includes the Nelson, Walker, Pendleton,

and Randolph families

Rosewell Gloucester County Baseball Caps - $12

3 colors - gray, brown, beige

Rosewell coolie cups - $2

great way to handle your hot or cold beverages



Coolie cup and

a souvenir beer glass -  only $3